Go vansh ki seva, prakat prabhu ki seva,are meri peeda koi samajh kyon nahi pata..
Main ga-ga ke kahta, main ro-ro ke kahta,suna karte sab, na koi aage ata,are meri peeda koi samajh kyon nahi pata..




The “Prabhat Feri” which literally means a early morning walk filled with the joy of chanting name of our beloved “Thakurji ” through Naam Sankirtan. Which interestingly revives the musical morning awakening and adds divinity to it. It is our tradition which we have lost in the facade of modernisation.

Today in the age of Kali (Kaliyuga) PrabhatPheri’s are the best symphony on the path of spiritual and physical well being. It infuses the mind with the divine energy that can only come from the Lord’s name… The gopi’s of Braj, ChaitanyaMahaprabhu, Hanumanji Maharaj , Sant Tukaram and Sant Namdeo were big proponents.In the year 2007 pujya maharajji had initiated prabhat feri during Shreemad Bhagwat Katha Dnyanyadnya in a town in maharashtra and since then at almost every place where maharajji have travelled for reciting either Shreemad Bhagwat Katha or Nani Bayi ro Mayro or else, Prabhat Feri has became the routine of the devotees living there. And they begin their every morning with Prabhat feri, chanting and spreading the name of our beautiful thakurji to the people and surrounding.

Today prabhat feri’s are ringing streets of no. of places in throughout the India with the Hari Naam every day.Kaliyug keval naam adhara, sumar sumar nar uprhi para



We should by heart try and utilise our skills, qualities, contact, writings, speeches, publicity and any other ability to contribute to the Cow Protection and in the service of Holy Cow.
Together we should also try and make every possible constructive effort in the service of Holy for her sheltering, protection and food. Panchgavya its importance and benefits shall be introduced to the every individual.

We love lord Shri Krishna and hence if Shri Krishna loves something, we love it equally in fact even more. And this is well established truth that Shri Krishna loves Holy Mother Cow. From the various sriptures and epics like Shreemad Bhagwad Mahapuran, Mahabharat it is proven that shri krishna didn’t live even for a single day without the Holy Cow. At present whatever is the condition of the holy cow is painful for all the devotees of the lord. In the greed of money today cow is being slaughtered and being insulted and avoided throughout the India.
Now its a hightime to come forward to protect the holy cow. For this we need to contribute in terms of time and support every honest effort or step taken against the injustice done to Holy Indian cow. And we also need utilise our money for the cause in service of our holy mother cow by reducing unnecessary expenditures.
Every villager should adopt cow and every indivudal in the city should serve the cow is Goshalas or should adopt the service cost of the cows in the villages. Importance of adoption of cow shall be introduced to the every Individual in every corner of the country. Bulls shall be used in the farming and or else they should be served by means of Nandi Shala in the village. People in the village shall be inspired to serve cow by heart as a mother and in no case sale them off for the money. The capable individuals in the cities who cannot adopt cow at their home, shall adopt the cows at Goshalas and make every possible effort to feed the cows with grass and nutritional diet. Also ensure holy cow is happy and living in the healthy environment.
Further, we shall with all the available means shall take every possible step which could help in this cause.

















  1. 1. Shreemad Bhagwat Katha
  2. 2. Nani Bayi Ro Mayro
  3. 3. Bhakta Charitra
  4. 4. Kirtan
  5. 5. Bhajan Sandhyas and General Discourses
  6. 6. Govats Pathshala (Youth Shivirs)
  7. 7. Utsav and Mahotsav

Inspired by the saints and with the love of the devotees, Pujya Maharajji is dedicated for a cause of spreading the name of the lord and love towards the lord thakurji in the society. The ongoing prabhat feris at the various places in the country are part of the chain woven for this cause. Since many years maharajji has dedicated himself thoroughly for the cause of Cow Sheltering and protection. Pujya maharajji is also associated with the Goudham Pathmeda (Sanchor) which is world’s largest organisation working honestly on the path of Cow protection and sheltering in a formative manner. With the blessings and inspiration from the patron of Godham, Pujya Gorushi Swami Shree Datta Sharananandji Maharaj Shri, the funds raised during the kathas and satsang is utilised for drought stricken and uncared cows.
Blessings and love from the pujya saints always keeps maharaj shri inspiring in the journey so far and for the journey ahead.

Pujyashris who Shown Maharajji this path


Param Bhagwat Pujya Gorushi Swami Datta Sharananandji Maharajji, Pathmeda


Param Pujya Shri Rameshji Baba Maharajji, Barsana


Param Pujya Hari Bhakt Parayan Shri Bhaskargiriji Maharajji, Devgarh


 Param Pujya Jagatguru Dwaracharya Malukpeethadhishwar Shri Rajendradasji Maharajji, Vrindavan


Param Pujya Rasikacharya Shri Shri Kishordas Devju Maharajji, Vrindavan

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